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We're so excited to bring you this podcast aimed at connecting, uplifting, and encouraging midlife women to live the life they deserve.  Join Host Terri Kellums and regular contributor Amanda Kieper as they discuss topics that matter to midlife women. You will hear empowering messages, inspirational stories and conversations that dive in to what women care about most.

Online Podcast with

Terri Kellums &Amanda Kieper

Meet Terri  Kellums

Podcast Host, Coach, Speaker & Aspiring Author

​Terri Kellums is a Certified Speaker, Coach, Trainer, and DISC Behavior Analyst with the John Maxwell Group. After a successful career in the corporate world and as a former business owner, when life took a turn, she turned with it and decided to use her experience and knowledge to help others. Today she can be found hosting the What Women Want Today Podcast, hanging out with her furbabies, and enjoying life in the desert.

She is a self-proclaimed coffee snob, knowledge junkie, and wine lover who loves spending time traveling, reading, refinishing furniture, mastering her homemade pizza crust, and hanging out with her hubby planning their next adventure. She is passionate about helping women write the story of the best possible version for their lives where they have meaningful relationships, fulfillment, and a healthy physical and emotional mindset.


Most Recent Episode

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Truths, Half-Truths and Lies:
The Complexities of Honesty

Prepare to get tangled in a web of truths and untruths as we navigate the labyrinth of lies. From the innocent white lies, we tell to spare someone's feelings to the pathological lies that can signal deeper mental health issues, we pull no punches in this gripping exploration of deception. Get ready for a game of two truths and a lie, and a surprising list of 24 common harmless lies. Join us, Terri and Amanda, as we dissect the reasons why we lie, the implications, and the potential fallout.

Buckle up as we traverse the landscape of five common types of lies: white lies, pathological lies, lies by omission, self-serving lies, and lies to avoid punishment. We'll take you on a journey from the psychology of lying to protect one's image or gain an advantage to how it can be a coping mechanism for difficult emotions. Hear our personal stories about how lying impacted our lives and relationships. We also dive into the darker depths of compulsive lying, its implications and moral dilemmas. Can lies ever be necessary? Will the truth always set us free? Join us for an episode that will leave you deliberating long after the conversation ends.


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